PSN Waiting Room

PSN Waiting Room is a delivery channel that reaches patients/caregivers at the point-of-care via 30 second video messages on flat screen monitors within medical office waiting rooms to help government agencies and nonprofits reach clinicians, patients and caregivers nationwide at the point-of-care. PSN Waiting Room can deliver both a broad audience reach as well as a targeted approach.

How it Works:

PSN places video PSA messages on flat-screen monitors within medical office waiting rooms. While patients and their caregivers wait to see their
healthcare provider(s), PSN Waiting Room rotates the delivery of health-related PSAs, health information and physician information/messaging via LCD at-screens. PSN Waiting Room guarantees that health PSAs will be featured on the network approximately every 30 – 45 minutes during office hours for more than 34,000 primary care physicians and more than 11,000 clinical specialists. The programming is featured on the network an average of 16 times per day.

Content can be programmed according to condition. Through designated distribution channels, PSN Waiting Room screens reach:

  • 34,560 physicians
  • 286.8 million patient and caregiver visits
  • 2,600 physicians
  • 21.2 million patient and caregiver visits
  • 5,000 physicians
  • 37.2 million patient and caregiver visits
  • 1,240 physicians
  • 9.8 million patient and caregiver visits

Waiting Room Highlights:

  • Circulation to more than 120,000+ medical offices
  • Distribution to 323,500+ physicians
  • Reaches 194+ million annual patient visits
  • Low PSA pricing schedule

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If you would like further customization options please contact a PSN representative to discuss your campaign.

Pricing terms and placement are subject to approval by the media partner based on inventory and message approval.