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PSN (The Public Service Network) has pioneered the distribution of public service announcements (PSAs) over the audio networks within grocery, drug and retail stores. This point-of-purchase network for public service messaging reaches consumers while they shop at more than 25,000 retail locations nationwide that include the largest and best known chains in the country.

Statistics show that 63% of U.S. shoppers visit a grocery store two or more times per week, and more than 40% of shoppers made an unplanned purchase after hearing a retail audio ad (Arbitron Retail Media Study), which supports the impact that PSN In-Store spots can have on target audiences.

Major chains include:

PSN In-Store

A complete list of store chains is available upon request.

Recent In-Store Audio Spot (DOJ/DEA):

Frequently Asked Questions About PSN In-Store:

An in-store PSA is a professionally produced 30-second audio segment. These messages are generally created for government and nonprofit clients to inform their target audience about their respective campaigns. PSN works with more than 25,000 grocery, drug and retail stores around the country to deliver PSAs to customers over the stores’ audio system used for background music. Existing client audio spots may also be used if approved for use by the store chains.

Once an hour in grocery and retail stores (and twice per hour in drug stores), the music is interrupted for a recorded message. The volume is slightly increased during the PSA spot in order to get shoppers’ attention.

According to Arbitron data, an average of 48 individuals are shopping in a grocery store (14 per drug store) at any given time. Multiplying that number by a minimum of 18 times per day/7 days per week in thousands of locations means that millions of people will hear your message each week.

PSN In-Store PSAs often reference an easy-to-recall Web address, phone number or number to text for additional information. Clients can also tie their messages to a PSN In-Store brochure giveaway, in which the audio spot directs shoppers to pick up a brochure at a designated location. Both these methods are easily measureable and demonstrate the level of action in response to hearing the message in the store.

PSN can guarantee that PSN In-Store PSAs are broadcast once every hour approximately 18 times in grocery and retail stores and twice each hour, approximately 36 times, in drug stores. Public service announcements pitched to radio stations may — or may not — run and are often scheduled as fill-in during the least desirable day parts. This means that clients will take advantage of a medium with far greater reach and frequency than any other national radio network at a fraction of the cost.

Definitely. Multiple scripts can be written, recorded and edited for a modest additional fee. Rotating messages after a week or two is an especially effective method of increasing subject matter awareness.
Yes. PSN In-Store stretches across the country and into many major store chains. For clients wishing to target specific states, regions or demographic profiles, PSN can recommend and aggregate the stores that will best meet those goals.
Three weeks is the ideal length of time to create the script, obtain store approval, tape and edit the spot, and distribute it to the stores for broadcast. For clients facing a critical deadline, PSN will endeavor to work to turn things around more quickly.

In-Store Highlights:

  • Guaranteed audio PSA distribution
  • Available in more than 25,000 retail locations nationwide
  • Low-cost CPMs well below the most favored client ad rates
  • Largest retail media network in the U.S.
  • Distribution nationwide or to a targeted city, state, or region
  • Measurable results and reporting
  • Reaches consumers in a captive environment
  • Significantly lower rates and greater reach than any other national radio network

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Pricing terms and placement are subject to approval by the media partner based on inventory and message approval.