“National.psawire.com represents the media interests of thousands of state, county and local nonprofit organizations and government agencies nationwide. The service enables these entities to take advantage of their collective media buying power for their community outreach initiatives.”

The PSN Team

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In addition to low-cost media services, the website offers users assistance via a ‘Campaign Builder’ that outlines 10 steps to developing and launching a statewide or county PSA campaign.

Launch Your Campaign

PSAwire will work with you to select start and end dates for the campaign based on your channel selection.

National.psawire.com Media Channels

PSN In-Store

Reach your target audience via 30-second audio messages aired one or multiple times each hour within grocery, drug and retail stores.

PSN Waiting Room

Reach patients/caregivers at the point-of-care via 30 second video messages on flat screen monitors within medical office waiting rooms.


Deliver highly targeted, personalized, sponsored email messages to more than 250,000 health care providers (HCPs) and 90,000 pharmacists.

PSN Transit

Reach pedestrians, vehicle passengers and drivers through print public service announcements via a wide variety of outdoor placement options.

PSN Entertainment

Reach highly targeted consumers via online entertainment sites including Ticketmaster.com & Livenation.com in the form of digital banners.

PSN Video Broadcast

Reach your target audience statewide or by county via a mix of the most popular cable broadcast networks using a 30-second video PSA.

PSN Pharma

Communicate health information, in the form of a print PSA, directly to patients picking up prescription medications from pharmacy counters.

PSN Digital Radio

Deliver 30-second audio public service announcements (PSAs) and digital banners to consumers across all of their digital devices.

PSN eMail

Utilize access to over 250 Million email addresses by delivering your messaging through targeted email marketing deployments!

PSN Digital Direct

Reach users cross-platform that leverages display, video, social media and email placements to reach their desired audience.

Convenience Store

Offers government agencies and nonprofit organizations the ability to place print PSAs in convenience store entrances throughout each state.

TV & Radio Marketing 

Outreach that focuses on establishing relationships with stakeholder organizations for video, audio, web banner and social media placements.